Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Out of the Barn!

The Easter issue of Gottesdienst is out of the barn, and running as fast as it can. No guarantees that it will arrive by Easter, since Easter is so early this year, but it is trying its best. If it doesn't reach your door by Easter, at least it should during Eastertide. That is, assuming you are a subscriber. Here are the highlights:

Gottesdienst Vol. 24, Number 1 (2016:1). 
Our 93rd issue.
Ash Wednesday                 Raymond D. Parent II
Funeral Sermon                 Jeffrey B. Hemmer
Good Friday                        Jay W. Watson
Good Friday                        Chad D. Kendall
Easter Vigil                         Ronald A. Stephens

Liturgical Observer - Burnell F. Eckardt Jr.
Easter Sunday and Eastertide
TLH at Seventy-Five: A Response
On Unworthiness 

Commentary on the War - David H. Petersen
What Is Reverence?
Gracious Presiding, Part 2 

Taking Pains - Mark P. Braden
The Chancel Lamp 

Sabre Goes to Rev. Charles Wildner

   See Jesus
The Blessed Widowed Mother
For Jesus’ Sake
The Sign of Jonah
On the Seventh Day - Kathryn Ann Hill

Musing on the Mysteries - Karl F. Fabrizius
Sign of Death, Sign of Life
Genesis 9:8-17 

Insert: Gottesdienst St. Louis Coming Up May 17th. At press time we did not have confirmation that Synodical President Rev. Matthew Harrison would be attending, but now we do. Details here.

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