Friday, April 15, 2016

Gottesdienst St. Louis

Coming up this May, in anticipation of the 2016 LCMS Synodical Convention

Gottesdienst St. Louis

A one-day conference –

Removing the Asterisk:
Restoring an Unconditional Subscription to AC XIV in the LCMS 


Rev. Matthew C. Harrison, MDiv, LLD, DD, LCMS President
Rev. Heath R. Curtis, MA, MDiv, Gottesdienst Online Editor and LCMS Coordinator for Stewardship
Rev. D. Richard Stuckwisch, MDiv, PhD, Gottesdienst Online Editor
Rev. David H. Petersen, MDiv, STM, Gottesdienst Departmental Editor
Rev. Jason M. Braaten, MDiv, Gottesdienst Online Editor and Development Officer
Rev. Burnell F. Eckardt Jr., MDiv, STM, PhD, Gottesdienst Editor-in-chief
Rev. Benjamin T. Ball, MDiv, Pastor loci at St. PaulTuesday, May 17th                 

Tuesday, May 17th, 2016

St. Paul Lutheran Church (Hamel)
6969 W. Frontage Rd.
Worden, IL 62097                  (about a half-hour drive up I-55 from the city)


8:30–9:00 am  Registration/coffee, donuts/
Holy Absolution available
9:00 am  Matins
9:40 am  Welcome
9:45–10:30 am
“How AC XIV Came to Be, and What Has Become of It in the LCMS”
Pr. Braaten
10:45 am  Divine Service
12:00 pm  Lunch

      Remarks from the Synodical President
            Pr. Harrison

1:20–2:05 pm
“In Favor of the Synod Task Force’s Recommendations to the Convention for July”
Pr. Curtis
2:05  Break
2:15–3:00 pm
“The Christological Character of the Ministry”
         Pr. Eckardt
3:00 pm  Break
3:10–3:45 pm
Panel Discussion: Quo vadis?: Our Challenge
          The Gottesdienst editors
4:15 pm  Vespers
5:00 pm  Gemütlichkeit

Lodging on your own.  Recommended: The Innkeeper Motel. 401 E. State St., Hamel, IL 62046. (618) 633-2111.

Registration: $25.  BUT FREE FOR SYNODICAL DELEGATES. (Payable to Gottesdienst. Mail us this form or email it to us with “Gottesdienst” in the subject line).  You may pay the registration fee in advance or when you arrive. 

Registration form (if by email, please provide all this information):

Title: ______      Name:  _________________________
Parish: _______________________________
Email: _____________________________
City:________________  State:______ZIP:_______
Will you be staying for the Gemütlichkeit? Yes__No__
For planning purposes, please register by May 10th.


  1. Will Gene from Concordia Lutheran Church in Nashville be doing A/V for the conference? You might even consider trying to do a livecast of this conference. I can assure you, there'd be ample interest. Many who are unable to attend (myself included) are nonetheless extremely interested in the topic.

  2. Gene will be there. We are going to be doing a video of the Mass, which will be produced as an video explanation/teaching tool as a how to/why to the Common Service. Hopefully he will be do the sessions as well. Not sure about the live stream. Will have to look into this.

  3. While a livestream would be pretty nifty, I'm thrilled to hear that at the very least there will be a video of the conference available. And that's great to hear re: the video of the mass. I've always felt that the best apologia for the the Lutheran liturgy is seeing/hearing (and, under normal circumstances, attending) the Common Service done right. People's antipathy towards "the liturgy" per se is often somewhat understandable when the only iteration of it that they've ever experienced is a slipshod, impatient, shuffling run-through-the-rite by a pastor who was never taught how to preside and has never really bothered to learn. There's nothing so beautiful and (truly) inspiring as a reverent Lutheran mass; there is nothing so stultifying and depressing as one which is poorly done.

    Thank you for the update.


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