Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Because "we don't do that."

It is sad that Christianity is divided into various confessions - or rather, that the one, holy, catholic, and apostolic faith has been corrupted in so many ways. But it has. And each confession has their own way about them; they worship as they do for theological reasons, and what is appropriate to one confession is not appropriate to every other, as 103 year old Mrs. Genora Biggs knows quite well.


  1. Our people for some 40 years have been easily influenced by neo-Evangelicalism. This being the case I consider my pastoral duty to highlight (polemically sometimes) the differences, and to warn people against such theology and practice. But if they were no threat to us, if our people were not gullible, I don't think I'd speak much about them at all. I'd simply say to the curious: they have their ways, and we have ours.

    I actually think it was a better day when Christians were aware of, and held to, their confessions and were willing to defend them. The day when a Calvinist was a Calvinist, an Arminian an Arminian, a Pentecostal a Pentecostal, a Lutheran a Lutheran and a RC a RC. Now, it seems, all of Protestantism has melted into a huge vat of theological sludge, that isn't even recognized as theology anymore.

    Bottom line, I must cheer this woman on in her quest.

  2. In a Lutheran congregation at least the excommunicated are still allowed to attend the Divine Service.


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