Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Christianity is taken seriously in the LCMS

Since some of the drama surrounding the curious case of Rev. Dr. Matthew Becker has played out upon this website (see A Useful Discussion), I commend the following analysis of the ensuing drama over the dismissal of Rev. Dr. Becker, which was made public by the St. Louis Post-Dispatch on Monday, July 20.

The analysis comes from Mr. Aaron Wolf, a lay member of The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod and managing editor for Chronicles: A Magazine of American Culture, in a blog post on the Chronicles blog (read the entire article linked here).

The conclusion of the piece says it all: “Meanwhile, I’d like to thank the Post-Dispatch for reporting on this little bit of inside baseball.  It’s far from an embarrassing exposé.  If anything, it says that Christianity is taken seriously in the LCMS.” 

Indeed, we do take it seriously. And that is the point really. Despite the fact that some may consider this bad press, it is just the opposite. It is evidence that the Spirit is still at work among us to lead us into all the truth (John 16:13). 


  1. So the deal is that the Rev. Dr. Becker removed himself from the LCMS?

  2. “I’ve always taken the view that nothing should be off the table,” [Valpo theology professor Matthew] Becker said. He believes stifling discussion weakens the church. -- "Lifestyle" article, St. Louis Post-Dispatch

    We wish Prof. Becker a fruitful fellowship amongst those who have so aggressively stifled any discussion about the ordination of women ... the LWF's Church of Sweden ... and a repressive weakening of cognitive dissonance, as much as possible.

    Your (unworthy) servant,
    Herr Doktor

  3. Just wondering, has the Missouri Synod ever defrocked an ordained clergyman?


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