Thursday, August 21, 2014

Ancient Christian Worship Was Not Informal!

An interesting look at the pre-Constantinian Western Mass that cuts against the grain of the post-Vatican II mythology that has wormed its way into modern American Lutheranism as well.

Read it here.

HT: Dr. William Tighe


  1. But wait! Where would the praise band be in the diagram above?

  2. I have stood in the remains of such a Baptistery in the ruins of the one of the dozen or so churches from this era in Jerash, Jordan. It was round stone pool about eight feet across and two feet deep, with stone steps on either side for the candidates to enter and exit, and a raised stone platform for the priest to stand on while pouring water over the standing candidate. They had to have a very efficient "assembly line" since huge numbers were baptized at the Easter Vigils. It was thrilling to stand in the pool where so many brothers and sisters in Christ were baptized in the earliest centuries of the Church, and to stand on the platform and imagine my brother priests so long ago administering the same Sacrament to their faithful as I do for my flock today.


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