Thursday, February 13, 2014

New Liturgical Resource Online

Fr. Eric Wismar has posted the entirety of Pro Ecclesia Lutherana, the journal of the Liturgical Society of St. James, online. Fr. Wismar's great-grandfather Father...well, Father Wismar (Adolph), was one of the founders of the society. From his introduction to the collection:

The Liturgical Society of St. James was in existence from 1929 until 1947.  The membership of the LSSJ included clergy and laity of the Synod of Missouri, Ohio, and Other States.  The society expressed itself through convocations, an irregular periodical called Pro Ecclesia Lutherana, an even more irregular Bulletin, and other occasional papers.  My great-grandfather, Adolph P. Wismar, became the chairman of the LSSJ while he was the pastor at historical St. Matthew Lutheran Church in New York City.  In 1945 he took a call to Valparaiso University to teach in the Department of Theology and began his teaching duties with the 1946-1947 academic year.  The LSSJ followed him there and the last Convocation of the LSSJ was held at Valparaiso University May 20-21, 1947.  The next spring O. P. Kretzmann, President of the University, sent Wismar a memo requesting that he (and others) "serve as a committee to submit plans for "An Institute of Liturgical Studies" to be conducted on our campus next summer."  Thus the LSSJ transformed into the VLI. . . 



  1. Brothers,
    I have posted a few more resources pertaining to the LSSJ. The first section is a series of appendices, including a chronological index to Pro Ecclesia Lutherana. The second is an essay published in the Pentecost, 1990 issue of The Bride of Christ titled "On the Societies of St. Ambrose and St. James: A Study in Liturgical Critique." Hope they are helpful. Blessing on your worship preparations. SDG - Fr. Wismar

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  3. Brothers,
    For those of you who may have downloaded files from the Pro Ecclesia Lutherana collection, v. 1, no. 1 was missing pages 34 & 35. This has been amended.


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