Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Out of the Barn!

The horse has been out of the barn for a couple of weeks already, but actually, it's more like a team of horses.  Most of the copies of the Michaelmas issue of Gottesdienst were released in late August; and today, the rest went out. Our new printers take the spreadsheet we send them and then they send the issues out to individual subscribers.  Any subscriptions that have more than one copy in them, or that are out-of-country, went out today, from here.  It's still a bit of a horse race, however, because the individual issues get sent via media mail, which can be slower. What's odd is that some of our readers actually get  to see the finished product before some of the editors do.

And what's really odd, and sad, is that some people will never see the finished product because, well, they're not subscribers.  Yet.

Subscribe today.  $15 for a year; $25 for two years (domestic rates).  Click here.  Wanna see what's inside?  Have a look:

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