Saturday, May 25, 2013

Art of the possible...

The first issue of the 2013 Synod Convention's Today's Business is out and with it the resolution Committee 4 came up with regarding AC XIV. It begins on page 90.

Realistically, I suppose that it's as good as we could have hoped for given the climate of the Synod. It directs the President to teach on the topic and gives him the authority to create a task force to develop a plan "to resolve issues about persons who are not rightly called (prepared, examined, called, and ordained)" which is to be presented at the 2016 convention.

Teaching is certainly needed, and it does need to come from the top - a re-elected President Harrison will be a powerful teacher, to be sure, both publicly and in more private settings with any recalcitrant DPs. According to the resolution as drafted, he will have his choice of the men serving on the CTCR, COP, Presidium, and the Seminary faculties to put on this task force. Prof. Joel Okamoto, who authored the 2007 joint systematics faculty statement, would be a great choice to chair it.

A task force with an open ended assignment from a convention is a very powerful tool (think of what the Blue Ribbon whateverwhatever got done...) - let us pray for wisdom in the wielding of it.


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  1. My idea of an efficient, effective and un-dithering "task force" is one commandeered by Admiral "Bull" Halsey.

    Then there's the one which dealt with the un-rightly called sons of Sceva (Acts 19:16). The "task force" here may have been a total reprobate, of course, but how can one quarrel with its results ... or the perverse flash of humor?

    Frankly, if I may say so, it's personally inspirational!

    Your (unworthy) servant,
    Herr Doktor SSP


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