Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Stellar Issue Coming Up!

The next issue of Gottesdienst (yes, Fr. Curtis, there is a print edition) is sure to be a treasure to its readers.  It's going to the printers, and will be turned around and out of the barn within a week or so.  I'm very stoked about it.  In particular, I think its sermons are some of the best we've ever printed.  Fr. Craig Meissner's St. Andrew's sermon proclaims the manliness (cf. the meaning of "Andrew") of Jesus our Bridegroom, Fr. Mark Lovett's sermon on the wedding at Cana provides the helpful insight about the meaning of wine at a wedding ("For the Jews wine meant God’s favor and blessing. It meant there was eace between God and man"), and Fr. Braaten's sermon sees the significance of the centurion's being under authority and his helplessness.  There's a brilliant piece by Fr. Peter Berg on St. John 6, and a couple of fine poems by Kathryn Hill.  The third installment of fr. Charles McClean's excellent argument against free-standing altars is something you must see, especially if you aren't yet convinced, and Dr. Jane Hettrick has a fine piece on the subtle art of the playing of Lutheran hymns.  Besides this are our usual thought-provoking columns, including a lot of helpful material about vestments.  If you're not a subscriber, if you're sitting on the fence, if you have a mere $15 to spend on a year's subscription (four issues), then by all means, do it now, and reserve your copy of this marvelous issue.  To subscribe, click here.


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  2. The editors of Gottesdienst are to be roundly congratulated for attaining those dizzying heights, with their blessed journal, which are legendary.

    So this Fesitival Day of the Church's (Conservative) Reformation, let us not be given to hoary allegations about clerics chaining Bibles away from the hands of laity (and maybe an earnest Augustinian monk or two).

    Instead, let us soberly reflect on clerics bundling up copies of Gottesdiest, out of sight, to keep them away from the heads of laity, with their pious meanings; which occurrences appear far closer to the historical truth.

    And yes, yes; the 21st version of censorious chains must be tied, absolutely, with the proper knot. I mean, I haven't been reading Gottesdienst for nothing.

    But at fifteen bucks per annum, it's a bargain!

    Your (unworthy) servant,
    Herr Doctor


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