Thursday, December 8, 2011

Faithful Lutheran Mission Needs a Chalice

There is a faithful LCMS mission start to Chinese immigrants in Evansville, IN, under the pastoral leadership of the Rev. Dr. Michael Paul. They are starting from the ground up and would like to buy a chalice. They have been offered free individual cups from the usual sources but want to start this new mission out right. Would you like to donate? Contact Dr. Paul at: paulm9 at gmail dot com.



  1. Could anyone help me out here? I'm in the ELCA, and (for obvious reasons) about to leave. I never thought I'd join the LCMS since I don't believe the world was created 6000 years ago. Is "young earth" creationism in fact the doctrine of the LCMS?

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  3. Dr. Aune,

    Email me at pastorcurtis AT gmail DOT com

  4. Our mission congregation has gratefully received a chalice, flagon, and paten set from another congregation. Thank you to all who offered help. If anyone would still like to help us, we would like to have a paschal candle and also a stand for it...and we still need two eucharistic lights (and stands for them) as well. Thanks! You can contact me at paulm9 at gmail dot com.


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