Monday, November 29, 2010

Daily Divine Service Book Goes on Sale

UPDATE: Here is a link to a site that will list current rebate codes from Lulu.


Daily Divine Service Book: A Lutheran Daily Missal

Edited by H. R. Curtis

At last – an English language Lutheran daily missal that includes complete rubrics for the celebration of a reverent Divine Service and propers for every day of the year.

Daily Divine Service Book is available for purchase in hardcover and paperback editions and will be on sale through Christmas.

Paperback Edition (6x9 | 728pp.) $30 $27 until Christmas

Hardback Edition (6x9 | 728pp.) $40 $36 until Christmas

Propers for Divine Service are provided for all Sundays, Major Festivals, Ember Days, weekdays in Lent, special Holy Week services and Triduum, votive Divine Services for the days of the week and other occasions, and all the saints listed in both Loehe's calendar and LSB. While a saint or other observance is appointed for each day of the year, many of the minor saints share “common” propers; major saints have a complete set of propers. All told, Daily Divine Service Book contains 215 Divine Services with complete propers and another 43 saints' days that use some common propers and some especially for the given saint. The remainder of the minor saints use common propers.

Prayers for the Celebrant at the Altar (a selection of evangelical Secrets, Communions, Offertories, and Post-Communions) and the traditional Lutheran Hymns of the Day for Sundays and Feasts are included in appendices, as well.

And that's just the propers – the ordinary of the Common Service is accompanied by traditional, useful, and clear rubrics for the celebration of a Lutheran Divine Service. These are largely taken from A. C. Piepkorn's The Conduct of the Service.

From the Preface

At no time is [the lack of a Lutheran daily missal] more frustrating for Pastors than during the shut-in communion call. Shall I lug my altar book and lectionary along with me? Can I figure a method of marking my Bible so that I can find my way to the Introit and Gospel reading? But then what about the Collect?

Daily Divine Service Book grew out of such struggles in my own ministry. It is a daily book due to another frustration I encountered with the lectionaries and altar books available to Lutherans: the paucity of propers available for the sanctoral calendar. Should a Pastor wish to observe the day of St. Augustine, for example, at a midweek Divine Service – what propers would he use? Though Augustine is a favored saint among Lutherans and appears in many of the Lutheran sanctoral calendars, one is hard pressed to find actual propers for a Divine Service. In this volume you will find propers not only for Sundays and festivals, but for everyday of the year. . . .

This book will not replace the hymnal, agenda, altar book, and lectionary your parish uses. Rather, it is meant to be used alongside your current collection of worship resources. Furthermore, Daily Divine Service Book is not tied to any one Lutheran synod or hymnal. You may use this volume alongside TLH, CW, LW, LBW, or LSB and their respective altar books, agenda, and lectionaries to good effect. You may indeed find it more convenient to use Daily Divine Service Book during the actual service – and will almost certainly begin taking this book, and this book alone, with you on your shut-in communion visits.


PS: Many, many thanks to the field testers around the country and indeed the world. This first edition is much improved due to your diligent work!


  1. I'm unfamiliar with the term "evangelical secrets". Would someone please explain these to me?

  2. The Western Mass includes a prayer of the Celebrant while at the altar called the Secret. Most of these were quite unevangelical - with a faulty understanding of sacrifice and sacrament. There were a few that were evangelical, and we put those in an index.


  3. Weslie + Kristina: I take that to mean evangelical (i.e., Christian, Lutheran, Gospel-oriented) prayers said silently by the celebrant, which though not an integral part of the Mass, may be part of the celebrant's devotion.

  4. Correction - appendix, not index.


  5. Order placed. Looking forward to receiving it!

  6. Just ordered mine, looking forward to trying it out

  7. May one get an electronic PDF copy if he purchases a hardcopy?

    Pr Rich Futrell

  8. Fr. Futrell,

    That's not available at this time - but it may be offered as a download down the line.

    I'm also looking at offering special orders as far as cover designs are concerned. But I have to survive the Christmas season first!


  9. Fr. Curtis,
    It's a little late, I just purchased mine, how will it work in the daily personal devotion arena.


  10. Steve,

    Daily Divine Service Book will be a joy for any faithful Christian who wants to

    * Pray and study the Sunday Divine Service texts in the week leading up to or following a celebration

    * Use the propers from the daily Divine Services in Lent as a focal point for Lenten devotion

    * Gain a greater understanding of the Church Year

    * Gain a wider knowledge of the saints commemorated in the Lutheran Church

    * Study in detail the Holy Week observances - a complete Triduum with all texts is included in DDSB

    * Help keep his pastor straight on what feast takes precedence when two or more coincide :)


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    Andrew Smith


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