Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Why you need to come to Oktoberfest in Kewanee (Oct 10-12)

* The chance to receive Holy Absolution before Mass.

* A reverent celebration of the Mass with solid preaching.

* The top notch German potato salad at St. Paul's Octoberfest supper.

* Prof. Scaer

* The best evening of drinking and theological discussion in the Missouri Synod.

* That point in the evening when Fritz puts on Hotel California and asks, "Now, what does this hymn mean?"

* Solemn Vespers to close your Sunday.

* A most gracious hostess in Mrs. Eckardt.

* Good company - a wonderful group of faithful pastors to bounce ideas off of, commiserate, and debate.

I could go on and on. Octoberfest in Kewanee is simply what a general pastors' conference should be but what many, sadly, are not. It will refresh you for your busy fall and winter and send you home with some new theological thought to chew on - it always does!

REGISTRATION: $25 per person (students $20) $40 per couple — includes Sunday banquet and Monday continental and luncheon; no charge for children with parents.

To register, please call 309-852-2461 and leave your registration information (name[s] and address) or register by email with the the option of using PayPal with an account or a major credit card, by
clicking here. Or you may pay the registration fee when you arrive. Please register ahead, even if you choose to pay when you arrive.

See you in Kewanee, Dv!



  1. Here, Here to HRC! Get to Kewanee! Leave your beloved wife at home for their own safety (let the reader understand). See you there, d.v.

  2. Wow, that sounds like lots of fun! Guess I'll have to clear my schedule . . .

  3. So I'm shelling out 40 bucks, for a couple. True!

    But now I'm told, by the good clerics, to leave the beloved wife behind.

    So am I to understand from all this, that Leah gets a pass?


  4. Doctor,

    It all depends on what you are after. Sunday night at Fritz' after the Octoberfest at St. Paul's is rather pastor heavy, though a few wives do come. A few of my friends always bring their wives and make a get away of it, skipping the festivities at Fritz' and going out to dinner with each other instead.

    You can't go wrong with Octoberfest - the meal at St. Paul's and the key note speaker are fun for everybody - and Sunday night at the Eckardts are for those who like loud conversations ranging from maniples to the Eagles to Green Bay football.


  5. Rev. Fr. Curtis,

    Rachel and the caravan are on the way.

    Well, I eschew those stodgy, minivan dreadnoughts myself ... it's an image thing ... but we'll be there, God willing!



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