Saturday, July 10, 2010

Altered Altar

Prayers ascend for the Synod Convention in steamy Houston. And they ascend, evidently, from the flat out weirdest looking altar ever. To wit.

Where to begin? The TV in the altar is a nice touch for Americans, keeps all our holies in the same place. And the sort of ice sculptoresque, touchdownish, sort of not quite representative altar crucifix is well..., er.. let's leave it at that.

Weird altars seem to be a thing with Synod gatherings. At the one youth gathering I went to, the altar was actually lowered from the ceiling. It was a giant lamb. When it got to the stage, the top half was hauled back up to the ceiling and there was the altar with four lamby legs.


Haec ecclesia pappi tui non est!



  1. You kinda ruined my cookie-and-milk time. Thanks ;)

  2. I cannot make out the gender of the figurine on the stand (cross?) on the TV/altar.

  3. It was a very moving service in many ways. Having said that - before coming down here, I told friends in my congregation I was looking forward to hearing 2000 Lutherans singing together. The joke is on me - I could not even hear MYSELF sing. The amplification was so loud I literally covered my ears at times.

    Have we forgotten what normal sound levels are? I thought I took a wrong turn in the convention center and ended up at a rock concert.

  4. I still talk about that youth gathering pinata...San Antonio, I think. My comment at the time was that it looked more like a poodle to me. Since then, I've referred to it as the "Poodle of God."

  5. This is a much better picture of the altar than I ever saw, was mostly listening to the service. But when I did glimpse the altar I only saw the bottom part of the figurine and thought it was a balalaika stood up next to the sacred vessels.


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