Monday, May 10, 2010

Extraordinary Christians in Russia

There is a video that you simply must see. I know that some of our Gottesdienst editors have taught at Novosibirsk.


  1. It appears as though Rev. Alexei Strelsov, on the left in the photo, is no longer a deacon. Not surprising, since he is for all intents and purposes the chief engineer of the Siberian church.

    Bishop Lutkin has some amazing stories about how he came to the church, was baptized, ordained, and finally consecrated bishop.

    I don't recognize the other two men.

    And yes, the video is outstanding.

  2. The other pastor is Fr. Sergei Glushkov - Ekaterinaburg. They are ordaining Fr. Vlad Ivanov who is in Chelyabinsk. Fr. Vlad was a Deacon but is now a Pastor in the SELC.

  3. It would really be inspiring to hear their stories - whether in book form or in another video. The advantage of a book would be that proceeds could benefit the SELC.

    I've only heard snippets here and there. But what I have heard has been inspiring and a testament to Matt 16:18.

  4. I thought it might have been Vlad Ivanov; I think he was my student.

  5. Vlad - what a great guy ... I was in Chelyabinsk when his daughter was baptized.

    To FH - the newsletters are packed with these stories. Dan Johnson does a fab job of putting it all together.

    I wish I had $$$ to travel . . . :)


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