Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Dumbed-Down Theological Training

By Larry Beane

Here is an example of what I believe is in store for any church body that pursues a dumbed-down theological track for pastors - especially one that limits personal exposure of candidates to faculty and seminary colleagues, and/or rushes candidates through a truncated academic program based on a delusional and hysterical argument of a "clergy shortage."


  1. Today at pastors' conference we heard another angle: the SMP guys are so we can train guys on the cheap to be pastors at places that "can't pay a full time pastor."

    This is bad news. I grew up in the sparsely populated West where they "can't afford to pay a pastor." I'm here to tell you the problem is usually this: 1) a refusal on the part of the people to tithe and give generously and 2) a refusal by pastors to serve as circuit rider/multiple point parishes.

    I think somebody named Paul said something about the Lord having ordained that the preachers of the Gospel should make their living from the Gospel. . .


  2. If we had a rule that the District President's salary was to be the same as that of the lowest-paid pastor in the district, there would be a lot less interest in accommodating congregations that want to pay their pastors poverty wages or not at all.


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